School Benefits

While this program is meant to spiritually enrich children,
we think the school should benefit as well!

Free Product

You will receive 20% of your school’s total sales to order free products! A gift card code will be issued to you for use on the website. Your free products will be sent with your student orders. You will need to order your products within one week after the promotion ends in order to avoid a delay in shipping student orders.

Social Assets

We will also provide social media graphics and customizable emails for you to send to remind families that flyers are coming home and remind them to order. We suggest you set these up prior to the event starting. All graphics will have a link that will take parents directly to to order. This has proven to be a useful tool to get your parents to order!

Product Delivery

You will receive boxes of ordered products. In the box will be a bag for each student who ordered products. Each bag will have a label that will include: School Name, Teacher Name, Student Name, and Products Students Purchased. This will make it easy to fill each bag and distribute the bags to the appropriate student.